I'm Sick! Do Something! I'll Pay You!

 By: Curtis Griffing

It has been said that "Nearly all men die from their remedies."
This statement is so true, just look all the barbaric remedies they used long ago, everything from snake oils to blood letting was considered the right thing to do.

The first U.S. president, George Washington, died from a throat infection in 1799 after being drained of 80 ounces of blood within 24 hours which was 40 percent of his blood. The draining of 16-30 ounces (one to four pints) of blood was typical.

The deception of remedies still goes on today, only now it's done with prescription medicines, a surgeons knife and  radiation. These modern remedies can be just as barbaric and deadly as it was centuries ago
In fact the Institute of Medicine Report which hit the papers in December of 2000 reported that Doctors are the Third Leading Cause of Death in the USA, Causing 225,000 Deaths Every Year.

The term used for a doctor induced tragedy is called "Iatrogenic". (Unnecessary deaths or problems due to unnecessary practices or remedies.)

Throughout history the majority of western civilization has taken very little responsibility for their own poor health. As soon as a sickness or disease strikes the usual response is to "go to the doctor", so we dig into our pockets or our insurance carriers pocket and put out good money for bad medicine. Most people are unaware of the serious dangers of modern medicine.
Think about it!  Most people pay their hard earned money to a doctor, via insurance companies, so they can prescribe a medication that is poisonous to our body or worse we pay them to take a knife and cut into our flesh. In some cases we pay to have deadly radiation beamed into our body. How much sense does this make. It seems like we have gone backward in time  using modern technology.
It's a strange phenomenon where we willingly accept to pay someone to poison, cut and radiate us instead of educating us to the fact that with some simple lifestyle changes most sickness and disease cold be avoided or reversed.
Ok, by now your thinking, this guy is crazy! I would have thought the same thing years ago had someone mentioned this to me, but because of a personal experience with a disease that I had which I was told was incurable and after going through all the medical testing and drugs with no hope for a cure while progressively getting worse, I realized that I was going to have to take responsibility for my own health and not pass it on to someone else who really knows very little about me.
When I educated myself and personally learned and experienced how the body worked and learned what it needed to heal I became 100% well. I started to realize that the condition of ones health is a matter of choices and not just bad luck.  Making better choices about how you eat and live are crucial to a disease free body.

We live in a world where we are trained to think that we need to take a pill that has many negative side effects or in cases where a pill won't work  we succumb to the pressure that the disease needs to be cut out with a knife (surgery). All these treatments carry a serious health risk and some with the possibility of death.
There is a simpler way to reverse disease and heal the body; in fact it is so simple that most may find it hard at first. It involves no poisonous drugs, no cutting into the flesh and no radiation.
You see, given the proper internal environment the body can and will heal itself provided that the organs involved are not dead. Most all diseases are self limited and will self heal if not suppressed and proper nourishment is provided. This means no drugs and a proper diet and lifestyle must be adhered to.
 We are so use to relying on someone else to do something about our own body's poor health, we think we are incapable of doing anything ourselves, especially when it comes to the more serious diseases. Taking responsibility for ones health can actually be scary to some.

There are those who run to the doctor for every little thing and there are those who avoid the doctor like the plague. In either case it is important to remember that it's your body and it,s your choices that play a BIG part in the quality of your health. Choosing blindly to take a prescribed medication without question is just as bad as doing nothing. There is no doubt that something must be done when you're sick or in a diseased state, you must do something, so do something intelligently. The only way to do something intelligently is to educate yourself with the truth.
Remember, lies never stand up to the test of time, for instance, look at all the fad diets that have come and gone. If they were so good and true they would still be as popular today as when they first came out. Medications change constantly, many go off the market due to serious contraindications (After billions have been made), it seems that money is more a factor than truth.

In this day and age eating your fruits and vegetables is still considered best for your body's health. Moms are always telling their children to eat their vegetables and the American Cancer Society is publicizing the benefits of eating fruits and vegetables because it lowers the risk for cancer.
Eating your fruits and vegetables has certainly stood up to the test of time. The more we stray away from these natural health building foods the more disease will enter into ones life. So remember if you're sick or in a diseased condition you can do something about it just by changing the way you eat and live your life.
Bottom line is that the more raw plant based foods you eat the more the health benefit.  A much greater benefit will be had when you eliminate all containerized foods from your life; these are foods that come in a can, box, jar or package of any sort.. Reason being is that containerized foods have been heated to the point of nutritional destruction (Pasteurization). Anything put into the body that has no nutritional value is sensed by the immune system as an invader and must be acted upon accordingly which wastes the body's energy and robs the body of valuable reserves that are not being renewed. When the reserves are all used up deficiency diseases are a result.
Containerized Foods are Dead Foods, No Health Value.
      There are two basic causes of disease, the first as mentioned above are diseases caused by a deficiency, the other is caused by toxicity, in other words the blood and organs become so polluted with toxins from chemicalized foods and other non-food items that disease is inevitable.  In many cases a combination of both play a part in disease causation.
      If you would like to learn how to prevent or reverse toxicity and deficiency diseases while at the same time learning how to prepare wonderfully tasting raw meals and treats, come sign up HERE for a Raw Natural Hygiene class