A Thought About Choice

by: Curtis Griffing

We were all given the distinct privilege and power of choice.
We can choose to make correct choices and we can also
choose to make incorrect choices.

As you use this tool of choice it's important to remember
that truth should direct what we choose. As we grow up from
child to adult many things that we thought were true ended
up not being so. When we adjust our way of thinking and actions
towards the truth it is not always easy, both within ourselves
to change and also from oth
ers around us who don't know the truth
yet (or don't want to know), which can cause some conflict.

Don't be hard on yourself if in the beginning you have a hard time
changing from something you thought was right to something you now
know is right. The great news is that following the truth always
ends up becoming easy.

It's important to remember that what you think about often will
eventually become your choice, right or wrong.
You must think often in the direction of positive
This will bring about the positive things that you want in life,
The reverse of this is also true. Think negatively and negative
will find you. Remember, you can't drive forward safely looking
in the rear view mirror.

Be clear on what you want;

Whatever it takes to keep your thoughts flowing in the positive
direction of what you seek is what you should be doing.

This applies to every part of your life...

If you want great Health, then make the correct choices.
If you want a great Spritual life, then make the correct choices.
If you want great Work, then make the correct choices.
If you want great Friends, then make the correct choices.
(For those of us who have children...)
If you want great Kids, teach them to make correct choices,
and/or make correct choices for them. Even if they turn away from
these correct choices as they get older eventually many will come
back to your teachings of correct choices as they mature.

I could go on and on but you get the idea.

Many people throw around the words, "Whatever it takes!" I'm
not sure they know exactly what that means.
"Whatever it takes" can be a very humbling experience, it can cause
you to take a good look at yourself in every way. Causing positive
corrections in areas that needed correcting and leaving the
incorrect choices behind. A kind of reboot of truths in your thought world.

Correcting our thought lives can be very rewarding.
Once you get there, BOY OH BOY, life becomes good, no, I take that
back, Life will become great!

This ability to direct our thoughts places us in the position of
creating the results we desire. What you do with this God given power is
completely up to you. The choice is uniquely yours.

Sincerely by choice,