Why Raw?

There are many reasons why a person would want to switch to a raw plant based diet, some of them being for better health or to reverse a health related issue; to lose weight; for animal ethics; to save our planet, some even do it just because it makes common sense. Think about it, we are the only mammals on the face of the earth that destroys the nutrition in our food with heat before we ingest it. Where in nature does any living mammal cook their food before it is consumed? 

Common Sense 

If for no other reason than common sense we should be eating our foods as served up by nature in their natural raw living state. If fruit and plants were meant to be heated before ingestion then nature would have provided an oven tree with pots and pans dangling from its branches. This silly thought brings to awareness that nature does not provide a heat source that would destroy beneficial nutrients that our body needs to thrive. The simple truth is that you can’t make healthy cells in the body with nutrient dead food. 

Universal Temperature

Universally it seems that most cells in nature start to malfunction and die at a temperature above 106 degrees, even our own body cells suffer greatly at a body temperature above 106 and by the time it reaches about 108 degrees its goodbye. There is not much wiggle room between life and death here.

Life Force

Another thing that heat destroys is the ever present 'life force' that is within every living thing. Eating uncooked plant based foods that have its 'life force' within will transfer this 'life force' to us. Raw fruit and vegetable taken using Kirlian Photography will expose the energy that food passes on to us. To the right is a a shred of cooked cabbage and raw cabbage, notice that no life emanates from the cooked cabbage. To the far right is a raw apple slice exuding it's life force.

Keeping The Lights on

When a whole raw food is cooked the 'life force' has left the food and it becomes a heavy burden on the body, not the energizing and nutritious fuel it should be. Which explains one of the reasons why after eating a heavy cooked meal we often feel like falling asleep. Eating is meant to make us feel energetic not sleepy! Cooking our food is like turning your car head lights off on a dark road in the middle of the night. Eventually you’ll crash, similarly if you repeatedly keep turning the lights out in your food by destroying it with heat, eventually your body will crash. Eating raw fruits and vegetables will keep the lights on in your food saving your body from certain health issues.


There is another factor as to why it is important eat your fruits and vegetables raw, it’s not much talked about and is a huge concern that should take a front seat in our lives. It’s the fact that acrylamides which are chemicals created by the combustion of oil and hydrocarbons in foods at temperatures above 248 degrees F become highly carcinogenic which cause cellular DNA to mutate. Acrylamides are created naturally in foods when the temperature reaches 248 degrees and above. 

Nitrosamines & HCA's

I wish it ended here but it gets worse, for some time now it has been known that barbecuing blackens meat, especially the fat which produces high levels of a carcinogenic substance called nitrosamine. Nitrosamine is known to be a factor in bowel cancer. Fried meat has been linked to a higher risk of hormone related cancers in women and it has been found that there is a threefold cancer increased risk in men who eat fried meat regularly. Cooking any meat including fish, at temperatures above 392 degrees F creates carcinogens which are called heterocyclic amines (HCAs) and these greatly increase cancer risk. Aren’t you looking forward to your next out door barbecue?

When you look at all of these factors it is very easy to see why a Raw Plant Based Diet is the best diet for human kind which includes the benefit of being in Great Health and having lots of Energy.