About Us

Natural Hygiene is a termed coined well over 100 years ago and its basic principles are followed by many other natural health programs and educators. It encompasses a Pure Diet, Pure Water, Exercise, Sunshine, Fresh Air, Mental Poise and Fasting. Most natural health programs and educators add their own twist and turns, some go too far with their twists but most have their beginnings rooted in Natural Hygiene although some may not even be aware of this. The fact remains that the fundamentals are Natural Hygiene.

All those who have stayed true to Natural Hygiene with it's basic requirements have discovered the benefits of true health. When living a Natural Hygiene Diet and Lifestyle there is no need for a medical intervention with needles, probes, drugs and surgeries. It is misguided thinking that drugs cure disease, the truth is that drugs usually delay healing, the body gets better in spite of the drugs not because of them. The human body is self healing if given the proper requisites. The only reason for medical life saving interventions is when trauma enters our lives ( car accidents, falling of a ladder, etc ). In situations like these the skills of a doctor are a welcome necessity.

For those experienced in Natural Hygiene it is well known for reversing conditions and diseases from A to Z that plagues the human body.

My name is Curtis Griffing I have lived a Raw Natural Hygiene Diet and Lifestyle for almost 45 years beginning way back when I was 23 years old and became crippled with a severe auto immune disease, Rheumatoid Arthritis. After seeing many doctors and having many tests I was told there was no cure. The pain was so severe it was hard for me to want to continue living. Fortunately I came across someone who saved my life just by sharing and teaching me about Natural Hygiene. The rest was up to me, It was not  hard, as a matter of fact it was very easy, but my conventional thinking made it seem hard. With some education and hands on demonstrations it became easy. I was on my way to completely reversing this dreaded disease, and I did.

Now almost 40 years later I have taught many hundreds of people and have witnessed the body's amazing abilities of healing. I have seen most every disease disappear just by adopting a Natural Hygiene Diet and Lifestyle. It works, it really works!

Over half my life I have been dedicated to help others claim their health back, seeing true health return in others is a reward that goes beyond words. My personal suffering and recovery from a crippling disease years ago has convicted me to want to help those who want help. I realize that society will never embrace what Natural Hygiene has to offer because becoming well is bad business for industries that thrive on disease and drugs. If you would like to benefit from the Raw Natural Hygiene Diet and Lifestyle, I am here for you. Just go to the CLASSES LINK HERE and choose how I can best serve you.

For Your Health,
Curt Griffing