Raw Food Diet and Lifestyle Classes Taught at Every Level

Raw Natural Hygiene is the Art of Healthy Living that can brings one's health and well being to a level higher than most have never experienced before. Based on our physiology and natural instincts along with common sense this un-fired plant based diet along with other wholesome choices will bring ones body and mind back to *normal. Few have experienced what *normal health is due to societal influences.

*Normal Health = Lots of Energy, Mental Clarity, No Excess Weight and Freedom from Disease with no need to take a medication for anything.

All Classes are taught by Curtis Griffing who continues to live the Raw Natural Hygiene Lifestyle for 40 years and understands all aspects thoroughly. If your looking for a healthier way to live or want to eliminate a health issue, this is the place for you. Curtis lives what he teaches and will demonstrate how to bring you to optimum normal health.

Natural Hygiene must be practiced and with practice comes mastery. No artist in any field mastered their art in a few days, weeks, months and sometimes even years. The more they practiced their art the more it became simple, easy, useful and beautiful. Just as the painters brush is a tool needed for a great picture on canvas, so is Natural Hygiene the tool for great health to the body. The term Natural Hygiene conveys the art and science of living healthfully.

Choose which course of classes best suits you above and experience the art of achieving optimum normal health, you won't be disappointed. All classes come with lifetime support.