Raw Natural Hygiene offers a 9 week raw food education and demonstration course called HealthPath which is geared for those interested in learning how to incorporate more health generating plant based un-fired foods in to their lives. Everyone who has taken the course has definitely Discovered the Benefits of Eating Raw Food.

The 9 week course educates and demonstrates how to create simple and delicious raw dishes along with an educational component to explain the why's of this diet and lifestyle. I have found that when students know why, then they are more likely to stick with it and make it a normal part of their life. There will be plenty of encouragement and support as you go through this wonderful lifestyle change. The benefits are abundant, most chronic and acute diseases disappear, those who needed to lose weight were pleasantly surprised each week as their weight dropped off without having to go hungry. Below is a sampling of testimonies from the Raw Natural Hygiene course called

Blake S.

Through Curt's guidance and expertise I have greatly expanded my raw food culinary skills. Curt has a passion for helping others and I have witnessed his sheer generosity many times. He has given me the best tips and tools for sustaining my raw food journey and for that I am truly grateful.

Donna D.

I thought I knew a lot about raw, but in this class I learned a lot more.  Every class was very informative and Curt you are extremely knowledgeable.  You know your stuff.  I'd come home and talk about what I learned in class and I've found that my family is more conscience of what they put in and on their bodies.  I especially liked hearing from others in the class how going raw has cured their weight problems, type 2 diabetes, cancer, etc.  It's too bad medical doctors push medicine rather then finding the root of the problem.

Karen C.

"I changed my diet a few years ago after finding out that I have celiac disease. This change in lifestyle improved my health considerably, but I still believed that I could feel even better, so I decided to try a raw (or living) food diet. After taking classes with Curt I can't believe how straightforward it really is to feel more alive and to be healthier! I have more energy (and who doesn't want more energy), I am sleeping better and I feel 'clean' on the inside-- this is a feeling that I love. I have learned so much about what is toxic to my body, about the food industry in our country, and about how to truly and very simply nourish my body and prevent sickness. If you value your health and you want the facts about what it takes to be in good health, you will most definitely want to take this class. You will meet people who have changed their health dramatically, have opportunities to hear life changing stories both on video and from knowledgeable speakers, and you will get recommendations about books to read and other sources that will help you to become more educated regarding your own health. I honor you and I thank you Curt, for your inspiration and for caring enough about others to share your own story and wealth of information, and for ultimately leading so many of us to a more accountable and fulfilling life."

Mary W.

My health was deteriorating before I took these classes and I was on prescription drugs and a shopping bag of supplements. Now I no longer take any prescription drugs or supplements. I get everything my body needs from the food that I eat. Before my blood pressure would reach as high as 178 and I had very low energy. I suffered with chronic post nasal drip and would catch every cold and bug, also my eyes always were bothering me. Now I have all kinds of energy and my blood pressure stays around 98 to 108. I never get sick and my eyes feel great. People say I look younger.

Danielle W.

This course has both saved and changed my life. With Curt's patient guidance and support, I quickly  assimilated into the raw food lifestyle. I am now physically in top shape and have lost an additional 15 pounds of fat. I no longer have arthritis and have tons of energy. I have so much positivity and zest for life with zero anxiety. Life changing and Life saving! Hooray for Raw!

Kathy C.

WOW! This course has changed my life. I have not used my stove or microwave in quite some time - which is a good thing! I have more energy, clarity of mind and very very regular - YES! I was searching for a way to learn how to be healthier - to be disease free. This course was an answer to prayer, literally! I feel healthier, have lost weight and have a very happy colon.

Sharon W.

Twenty-two years ago I was put on thyroid medication and told it would be a lifelong issue for me.  I became curious about raw foods after seeing a Healthpath flyer last fall, but did not even consider that it would help my thyroid.  I just wanted to feel better in general.  After eating raw, living foods for about two months, I am happy to say that my doctor has taken me off the thyroid medication.  My blood pressure has never been better, and after years of struggling with high cholesterol I passed my last test with flying colors. To my added surprise I lost 26 pounds without trying. This course has been an invaluable resource for helping me with my new way of eating, which has made all these amazing changes possible!

Corinne W.

This way of eating had a tremendous impact on my health. I am dealing with a herniated disc and my Chiropractor found that I am healing faster than any other patient. 

Stefanie G.

I have been raw for the past two years now and have felt very alone except for people on the internet and Southern California. Thank you for all your support and I will be visiting the classes this winter. It's nice to know I don't have to move to stay raw with friends.

Frank S.

This course gave me what I needed to end 35 years of GERD and 20 years of IBS. This raw food diet and lifestyle has had a positive effect on the quality of my life.

Carolyn P.

This has been an eye opening course and a real help to me. I am well equipped now with a wealth of information to continue to live a healthy lifestyle.

Donna L

This course is excellent in design and has uplifted me spiritually and reinforced my intention to eat well. The course has provided me with the necessary tools to be successful........ Knowing that a person can be healthy and free of chronic debilitating disease simply by enjoying some excellent creative raw foods is enlightening and a blessing.

Annette S.

This course has helped me to understand as well as experience what raw foods are all about and the healthy benefits of raw foods. I have lost weight and I am enjoying preparing smoothies. I do plan on staying with it and enjoy learning how to prepare many of the great dishes. I love the fact that you can return to future classes for additional support at no extra charge.

Jan M.

Since starting the raw food classes I no longer need TUMS antacid pills which I used daily and I have lost weight. My energy levels have increased, YEA! I am a type 1 diabetic and have greatly reduced my insulin.

Ester D.
This course has really opened my eyes about how bad the food we eat is. I came here because I wanted to learn how to eat better. I feel so much better now and have more energy. I've made a lot of changes.

Willie D.

These classes helped me to eat better and feel better. I was very over weight and lost a lot of the weight. I sleep better at night and don't need sleeping pills. Thank you Curt.

Kathleen T.

This course has been life changing! Thank you for sharing your knowledge and giving me hope for a healthy future. It has opened up conversations with my family and friends and has brought awareness to them about this healthy lifestyle.

Gina U.

I found this course to be great! I have learned so much and the foods are absolutely delicious! One thing, it has enhanced me to be calmer. I don't let things take the better of me. I breathe better, I lost weight, more energy, I feel 100% great.

Marla M.

It was excellent and fun to learn new information and clarify forgotten knowledge. When I eat 100% raw I have more energy and feel happier. I'm finding it easier to eat raw. If I decide to eat some cooked food I usually feel lethargic and my stomach would bother me.

Dorothy B.

This course is what I have been looking for. I have learned loads of very important information pertaining to eating raw food. I am not quite 100% but that is my goal.

Laurah L.

The diet makes you feel cleaner, lighter and more energized. It's a journey the I plan to continue for a more healthful life.

Tim G.

I feel much better and satisfied by the raw dishes that we have made. The meals we made were not hard to make and were very delicious. I found that even if you didn't follow the directions exactly, the meals still came out great. The course teaches you principles that allow you to experiment or modify (or even simplify) the recipes and still get a good meal.

Fran P.

An eye opening experience, the benefits by far is how I'm feeling when eating raw. I enjoyed the class very much and grateful to have found you. I'm looking forward to a healthy future - done very simply.

Yvette Y.

I have experienced many benefits from this course. I feel more alive now. I have more energy and focus. My blood sugar levels went down 20 points after incorporating more raw food into my diet. I feel hopeful about my future and know that I can control the health of my body by the foods I consume. a raw plant based diet is the ideal diet and will always include it in my diet. Thank you for your guidance and support - May God you and your family.

Sheri V.

The past 9 weeks has certainly been a life changing and eye-opening experience. Not only is your raw food lifestyle inspiring, even more so is your kindness, generosity, patience. I have the utmost respect for you and hope to someday have all the blessing that you have!
Now when you look in my fridge, instead of cheese and meats you'll find mostly fresh fruits and vegetables. Also, We now have a big basket of fruit and bananas on the counter and have gotten rid of the microwave.

Benjamin C.

Your class has opened my mind to an entire new world of preparing, eating and thinking about food. I no longer feel bloated like I use to after eating traditionally cooked foods and now know that the "live" foods that go into my body is the way God and nature intended.

Amie P.

This course has been a great blessing and a wealth of information and support. We loved the community sharing aspect.

Gracy C.

I feel a lot healthier, I loved the course and will continue the raw food lifestyle.

Monica G.

I have a heightened awareness of the benefits of raw food. Great recipes and support helped me prepare a variety of foods. The additional information you gave in class combined with the validation of vegan raw foods as a more responsible lifestyle choice has been the best part of the class for me. Thank you Curt for all your expertise.

Cate S.

Such a great wealth of information, patience and support. I can't thank you enough.

Lynne L.

Positive changes I have noticed: I have lost 8 pounds so far, I have more energy in general especially when exercising. My husband and daughter are eating the same way now.

Ami C.

I feel more energy and noticed the positive effects on my body with eating raw food. 

Dean B.

Your class made me rethink options when it came to food choices. It has increased my awareness when it comes to disease prevention and reversal.

Yvette M.

Lost 16 inches from my chest, waist and hips along with 16 pounds of weight. I have more energy and now exercise everyday. I have 90% less joint pain. My expectations were met and surpassed, I have learned a lot and I am very happy with the results.

Simon O.

I have noticed a loss of inches on me and my taste buds are enjoying this new found way of eating.

Lidia E.

Excellent class! Very insightful, I've learned a lot, especially about disease. The recipes are very good and tasteful.

Dennis M.

This class helped me refocus on eating healthy and on understanding the effects of foods on the human body. My ultimate goal is to be 100% raw.

Deb F.

This class has totally changed my life, Curt has made this class perfect. He is inspiring and caring while sharing everything he knows. Everything went so well.

Dianne D.

This course was more wonderful then I expected. I feel much better and my food digest easily.


These classes were life changing for me and my daughter. It has opened up a lot of conversations about changing to this healthy diet and lifestyle within our family.

Harry G.

This course has opened up a new healthier way of preparing food un-cooked. I'm a type one diabetic and have greatly reduced my insulin.

Margie C.

Wonderful!  Big change for me. The biggest revelation is that I have control over disease - not the docs and not the pharmaceuticals. It is within my power to get well. That is monumental for me. Benefits so far have been; Weight loss, Healthier skin and hair, Healthier gums, and general overall feeling of health.

Sallie H.

I am feeling less stiff and have lost a lot of weight. I have better eyesight and a return of my energy.

Mary M.

This course has changed my life! The classes are so full of information and practical food demonstrations. I now have the education to make healthier choices and I believe that this diet is the best path to health.