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Sunday, September 23nd at the Hyatt House Hotel conference room, 200 Corporate Dr. Windsor, CT 06095 - Starts at 5:30 pm - sharp

You are invited to register for a 3 course Raw Dinner (Menu Below) followed by a presentation about water only fasting.

To reserve your seat you must register by purchasing a ticket below (Buy Now Button) Then send an email RSVP to curt@RawNH.com If you have any questions call 860-982-4698

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Come listen to Sunshine Griffing (See Her Short Video Here) who recently fasted for 30 days on water only and Curt Griffing who years ago fasted for 40 days on water only. Come listen to their experiences and hear about their benefits during their time on a water only fast.

Fasting has been called the “Greatest Cure on Earth” because of the multiple benefits it has on the human body.

Although fasting is not a cure, fasting is a state where we let the body do its own healing, often better than most other measures.

Our society thinks cures come from something we take or do, when in fact all we have to do is get out of the body’s way and let it do what it knows how to do best, and that is, heal itself. Simply by resting and drinking water.

A true fast is with water only and with as much rest as possible.

Fasting has been corrupted over the years by applying all kinds of unnecessary and dangerous practices, such as colonics, supplements, or exercise during the fast. Come listen to why these things are not needed on a true fast and what works best.

There have been Tens of thousands of documented water fasts and from these experiences fasting has shown to respond to many diseases dramatically well.

After the presentations there will be a time for Questions and Answers.

The Raw Dinner menu

To wet your palate you we will start with freshly squeezed drink called the "Sweet Beet" Not too sweet with a little tang. It has a perfect combination of Apple, Lemon with a touch of Beet.

We will begin the dinner with a soup combo that you rarely if every see, its a deliciously mingled corn and pea soup combination, separate but together in one bowl. It's kind of a corny way to serve pea soup :-)

For the Main Course you will be served a delightful dish with a Mediterranean twist I call Cabouli. It is made with a Cauliflower and Parsley base, red peppers, tomatoes, corn, lemon seasoned up to deliciousness. No bulgar wheat, gluten free!

To bring the dinner to a delightful close you will be served an icing clad Carrot Cake that will knock your socks off.

After dinner you can sit back and listen to the presentation.

We look forward to seeing you,

Curt & Sunshine

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