What Planet Are You From?

by: Curtis Griffing
Whenever someone finds out that I eat 100% raw vegan foods they look at me like I’m from another planet. Although there are those who are genuinely interested in the subject and amazed how I have manage to survive the 37 plus years of eating this way. Many questions are asked; of course the first and main question I get asked is “Where do you get your protein”. I won’t get into that here but if you want an answer to that question you can GO HERE. If one was to take a moment and think about it, eating a raw plant based diet is more normal and natural than our Standard American Foods served up today at every restaurant and grocery store. It is only in the recent modern history of our civilization that we have veered off from what normal foods are.

Of the thousands of years man has roamed the earth farming was commonplace. It has only been in the recent 100 years or so that man has seriously changed diets and started putting non-food items into the body and called it nourishment. Very little nutrition comes from a can, jar or packaged food, only empty calories do.

Over 100 years ago most homes had a garden and larger farms supported local areas instead of the world. Organic was unheard of because everything was naturally organic and it didn’t have to be promoted as such, it just was. Most ate from their gardens and everyone shared from each others gardens. Occasionally today someone will share his or her extra garden produce but it is rare.

They don’t call our planet earth “Earth” because it’s round or floats in space or because it has lots of water and air which is all good stuff, but it makes good sense that it’s called Earth because the earth has nutrient rich soil and this soil is earth in which we grow our food to sustain our bodies. All the nutrients we need come from the Earth/soil and the fruits and vegetables grown from this earth/soil are the link between us and the nutrients we need from the soil. This is how we thrive!

When I see rivers of soda and energy drinks along with Oreo and donut trees growing in a soil of chemicals on this planet, I then will admit that I come from another planet. Of course this scenario is not far from the truth, the small soda rivers come out of cans and the junk food manufactures are the soil that distributes its "fruit"(the junk) to its branches (grocery stores).

For now I come from the planet of Earth and eat directly from it. Come join me!